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Cavalry Charge #2


Lucas McNelly

Sep 22 2021

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Welcome to this week's Cavalry Charge. The idea is simple: every week we'll tell you about 5 indie films that could use your help in some way. Check them out and if you can help them, that'd be amazing.

Last week's crowdfunding campaign, Cait Innes Edwards' Traveller, coasted past their goal and they are over 115% funded. Congrats!

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Here we go!

A Crowdfunding Campaign

When You're Gone (Kristin Noriega)

Courtesy of our old friend John Yost comes When You're Gone, a female-directed horror film heavy on practical effects (I do love practical effects).

This is a flexible funding campaign on IndieGoGo with a goal of $25,000.

Jezi Córdova doesn't worry about much. She's young and living it up as a bartender in Manhattan after dark. She's certainly not concerned with the strange occurrences in the city pipes below her.
But a painful breakup shatters Jezi's fish bowl, transforming her into a whirling dervish of self destruction. Now, she's headed full throttle toward a tragically premature end.

Until she comes face to face with what's been slinking around the sewers of Hell's Kitchen. Now, she must fight to survive. Only one of them will make it out of her studio apartment alive.

When You're Gone is 20% funded with 30 days left.

A Film to Watch For Free

Apartment 413 (Matt Patterson)

Marco is running out of time to find a job before his girlfriend, Dana, has their first baby. He's also losing his mind. As Marco's grip on reality begins to slip into a psychological nightmare, Dana's safety and the lines between fiction and fact disappear. If he can't figure out how to make it all stop before it's too late he might lose Dana, the baby and his sanity.

Apartment 413 is available on Prime and Tubi.

A VOD Rental

Kid Candidate (Jasmine Stodel)

From this year's SXSW comes a documentary about a "24-year old experimental musician and his unlikely run for Amarillo city council after his Harmony Korine inspired spoof campaign video went viral.

A Film to Review

I Blame Society (Gillian Wallace Horvat)

One thing that can help any film is reviews and/or ratings on various websites. A rating/review on the website of your choice (IMDb, Letterboxd, Rotten Tomatoes) goes a long way.

A Trailer to Watch

The Beta Test (Jim Cummings)

Maybe you've heard of this? It's been doing really well on the festival circuit and the first trailer dropped yesterday.

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