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Cavalry Charge #5

Your weekly list of 5 indie films that could really use your help


Lucas McNelly

Oct 13 2021

4 mins read


Welcome to this week's Cavalry Charge. The idea is simple: every week we'll tell you about 5 indie films that could use your help in some way. Check them out and if you can help them, that'd be amazing.

Last week, we featured the Seed & Spark campaign for Hot Wing Redemption, an animated short that rocketed past its Green Light goal and raised over $17,000!

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This week, we have 5 more indie films that could use a boost.

A Crowdfunding Campaign

Jordan (Ebony Blanding)

From Atlanta comes a short film about...mermaids?


Blanding & Co. are raising $8,000 for Post Production. As of right now, they are 62% funded with a little over 8 days to go.

A Film to Watch For Free

Diverge (James Morrison)

Over at Hammer to Nail, producer Noah Lang (producer of this film) has an article about how indie filmmakers should work together to harvest the power of the collective. He focuses on AVOD platforms like Tubi.

If a mass of people, even a quarter as large as those who went to bat for Gamestop and AMC showed up for indie filmmakers on a semi-regular basis, we would see a wildly shifted landscape for those filmmakers. Films that were looking at ten year paths or no path at all to recoupment would suddenly be in the advantageous position of having their film being seen and generating real money. And when indie films recoup, the easier it is to make the next one.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, Noah's film Diverge is on Tubi! Check it out!

A Short Film to Watch

Hey, It's Me (Mark Sposato & Courtney Sposato)

From a husband and wife filmmaker team comes this cool sci-fi short.

A selfish man tries to alter his destiny when he receives an ominous phone call from his future self.

A Trailer to Watch

The Jets: Making it Real (Kels Goodman)

Courtesy of Red Rock Film Festival Director Matt Marxteyn comes a trailer for this documentary about the 80's pop sensation The Jets.

After several years in the spotlight and trying to make a living with eight members in their band, the group eventually made the difficult decision to split into two groups. This film focuses on the band with the three oldest Wolfgramm brothers who tell the story of the rise of The Jets, and going on tour with younger members of their family. It is also an inside look at the music concert industry and balancing requests to do 'track' shows with pre-recorded music playback verses what they were known for: playing live. In this new cut of the film, the journey takes the viewer through health obstacles with the family and the band earning a residency show in Las Vegas.

Check out the trailer.

A Film to Rate on IMDb

Queen of Glory (Nana Mensah)

Nana Mensah's directorial debut premiered at Tribeca this summer and is currently cleaning up on the festival circuit.

Brainy scientist Sarah, a doctoral student at Columbia University, is weeks away from following her very married boyfriend to Ohio when her mother dies suddenly, leaving Sarah the owner of a small but beloved Christian bookstore in the Bronx. Tasked with planning a culturally respectful funeral befitting the family matriarch, Sarah must juggle the expectations of her loving yet demanding family while navigating the reappearance of her estranged father all while grappling with what to do with the bookstore. Aided by an only-in-New York ensemble of Eastern European neighbors, feisty African aunties and a no-nonsense ex-con co-worker, Sarah faces her new responsibilities while figuring out how to remain true to herself. 

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