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Cavalry Charge #7

This week's list of 5 indie films that could really use your help


Lucas McNelly

Oct 28 2021

4 mins read


Welcome to this week's Cavalry Charge. The idea is simple: every week we'll tell you about 5 indie films that could use your help in some way. Check them out and if you can help them, that'd be amazing.

Last week, we featured the Kickstarter campaign for Brenda, a short film that cleared its goal several hours ago. Congratulations!

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This week, we have 5 more indie films that could use a boost.

A Crowdfunding Campaign

Dog Run (Lorna Nickson Brown)

Crowdfunding with the support of the Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival is this UK short about slavery and the best puppy.

In DOG RUN, Jan has been so battered by the world, and so closely controlled, that his world has become small and ever more enclosed. In his connection with guard dog, Sabre, however, he is able to find hope and a desire to live. As Sabre starts to see Jan, Jan, in turn, starts to see the natural world around him, recognising the great beauty and meaning in nature. Through the genuine love expressed between Jan and Sabre, he is able to take a leap of faith and open up to the world around him, almost as if he were reborn.

Dog Run is 47% funded with 19 days to go.

A Short Film to Watch

Two Puddles (Tim Keeling)

From Short of the Week, via, comes this comedic horror short.

In Two Puddles, a family's peaceful day of picnics and hiking in the woods is interrupted when they stumble upon two puddles that will test the strength of their bond.

A Film to Watch for Free

The Last Flesh and Blood Show (Scout Tafoya)

You probably know Scout Tafoya from his video series "The Unloved" on, but he's also an accomplished director. We figure a low-budget film with that title is perfect for Halloween.

A love triangle is complicated by unemployment, expectations and the living dead.

A Trailer to Watch

One of Ours (Yasmine Mathurin)

From Miriam Bale, festival director of Indie Memphis, comes this documentary.

Written and directed by Black Canadian filmmaker Yasmine Mathurin, One of Ours is a new documentary that portrays the story of a young man whose life is stretched out between his Blackness and Indigenous identities. (Bale)

One of Ours is currently playing the festival circuit.

A Film to Rent on VOD

Father's Day (Adam BrooksJeremy GillespieMatthew Kennedy)

This kept showing up on my Twitter feed and it being Spooky Season and all, a Troma film felt appropriate. This won the Audience Award at Toronto After Dark back in 2011.

Father's Day is available on bootleg in a seedy back alley near you. Or, if you prefer something classier, it's on Prime.

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