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Cavalry Charge #8


Lucas McNelly

Nov 04 2021

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Welcome to this week's Cavalry Charge! The idea is simple: every week we'll tell you about 5 indie films that could use your help in some way. Check them out and if you can help them, that'd be amazing.

Last week, we featured the Kickstarter campaign for Dog Run, which still has 11 days left in its campaign.

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This week, we have 5 more indie films that could use a boost.

A Crowdfunding Campaign

I Love Bed-Stuy (Sekiya Dorsett)

This week, we're back at Seed & Spark for this feature film that's billed as a hybrid of documentary and fiction, a love letter to a neighborhood where actors improvise scenes with the actual residents.

We must preserve the stories and legacies of Black people. Because historically our spaces and narratives are destroyed, rewritten, or forgotten. We won't let that happen again. We are gathering testimonies for our new docu-fiction project and writing a brand new love letter to Bed-Stuy.

I Love Bed-Stuy is 68% funded with under 3 days to go.

A Film to Rent on VOD

Parkland Rising (Cheryl Horner)

Courtesy of our new (old) friends at Slamdance comes this important documentary.

PARKLAND RISING follows the high school students and families who became fierce leaders of a national movement for gun reform following the shooting of 34 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. This documentary goes behind the news headlines to share the personal and intimate stories of the students leading the movement, as well as the families of victims who are working together to create meaningful change. PARKLAND RISING joins David Hogg, Jaclyn Corin, Emma Gonzalez, grieving fathers Fred Guttenberg and Manuel Oliver and other emerging youth activists in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. The film documents their unfolding journey for nine defining months as they channel their anger into action and engage in an epic battle of wills with the gun lobby.

Parkland Rising won the Audience Award at Slamdance Miami.

A Trailer to Watch

That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes (Onur Tukel)

From indie mainstay Onur Tukel comes this trippy thriller that debuted earlier this year at Sidewalk.

Leonard is about to lose his girlfriend, home and job. Upon that, he’s having strange hallucinations. Is it stress or an after effect of new technology installed all over the city? He must figure it out or he’ll be trapped in this nightmare forever.

This review on Letterboxd kind of says it all.


A Short Film to Watch

Bite Me (Jessi Rayom)

From NoBudge comes the online premiere of this short film. We'll let Kentucky Adler tell you more.

On Halloween night, a woman dressed as a hot dog delivers marijuana to a series of weirdo customers. “Bite Me” is a night-in-the-life of a broke and aimless gig worker that’s based on director Jessi Rayom’s own experiences working at a L.A. weed dispensary. Filmed like a documentary and starring Rayom herself, it’s held together with sardonic wit and a seen-it-all attitude. Her strange encounters run the gamut: one man is so stoned that he can’t make sense of who is at his door and why; another unleashes a series of unsolicited life details (his cat has “cat AIDS” for one). The scenes are propped up with moments of style and musical flourish, and it’s all given shape by the personality of the hot dog woman, who communicates a relatable mix of depression, cynicism, and low expectations.

A Film to Watch for Free

Firecrackers (Jasmin Mozaffari)

Jasmin Mozaffari's debut feature out of Canada had a fantastic festival run and is now streaming for free (with ads) on Tubi.

Lou and her best friend Chantal plan to get out of their isolated, run-down town and move to a city far, far away. When Chantal's unstable and possessive ex violates her during a night of partying, the girls decide to exact their revenge on him through a night of vandalism and debauchery. The consequences of their actions are devastating, threatening the girls' chances of ever leaving. The more Lou fights tooth-and-nail to save her friendship and hold onto her dreams, the more she spins out of control as she begins to realize that freedom will come at a high cost.

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