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Cavalry Charge #9

Your weekly list of 5 indie films that could use your help.


Lucas McNelly

Nov 20 2021

3 mins read


Welcome to this week's Cavalry Charge! The idea is simple: every week we'll tell you about 5 indie films that could use your help in some way. Check them out and if you can help them, that'd be amazing.

Last week, we featured the Seed & Spark campaign for I Love Bed-Stuy, which raised over $44K.

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This week, we have 5 more indie films that could use a boost.

A Crowdfunding Campaign

Fish Bowl (Rachel Sweeney)

This week's crowdfunding campaign comes from Philadelphia-based writer/director and comedian Rachel Sweeney.

Fish Bowl is a dark comedy about Zoe and Jude, a young couple in their early 30s who get pregnant unexpectedly. They’ve decided to have the baby, and they’re getting married. We drop into the story at their rehearsal dinner, where Zoe is having some serious doubts. Are they ready for a baby? Do they even want a baby? And then something even more unexpected happens…

Fish Bowl is 55% funded with 12 days to go.

A Film to Rent on VOD

The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain (David Midell)

David Midell's film premiered at the Oxford Film Festival and is, by all accounts, difficult to watch, but definitely a film that should be seen.

Based on the true story of the events that led to the death of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., an elderly African American veteran with bipolar disorder, who was killed during a conflict with police officers who were dispatched to check on him.

A Film to Watch for Free

First Round Down (The Butler Brothers)

The Butler Brothers are a Canadian duo who make raw micro-budget films out of Toronto. Their Confusions of an Unmarried Couple is one of my favorite sub-$1K features. This one has a slightly larger budget.

Tim Tucker was a star forward who broke a knee and never got drafted to the NHL. After the injury, Tim left hockey and became a hitman. Ten years later he finds himself back in town to look after his brother Matthew, with a chance to set things right. But will his past wreak havoc with his shot at redemption?

A Trailer to Watch

Death to Metal (Tim Connery)

From our friends at comes this "metalsploitation" film.

After a freak accident, a disturbed priest is transformed into a mutated killing machine on a mission to wipe out the godless fans of heavy metal music.

A Short Film to Watch

The Man Who Sold the World (Nathan Rawlings)

Noirvember is in full swing, so there's no better time to feature a noir homage.

A noir homage following the case of the most notorious killer...The Langdale Killer. Detective Williams must catch them before it's too late...for him.

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