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Welcome to the Cavalry


Lucas McNelly

Sep 15 2021

2 mins read


Back in the early days of the pandemic, when we all assumed this would be over soon and toilet paper was on the verge of becoming our new currency, Sean Hackett pitched me the idea of series of YouTube videos where we would scratch lottery tickets and give the winnings to a crowdfunding campaign. It was beautifully chaotic.

We did a bunch of them, but as the pandemic got worse, it got a little bit harder to find campaigns to help and we went on a hiatus.

Guess what?


We're brainstorming a bunch of different ideas, but this is first.

I've long thought that someone should build an army of people who are willing and able to support independent films, a group of people who you could point toward, say, a crowdfunding campaign in its final week to create a swell of new backers or a new trailer they can boost the YouTube views of or a movie that just hit Amazon Prime and needs a bunch of reviews. These are the sort of things that are pretty easy to do but can have a big impact in how successful an indie film is.

And since no one else has done it, I guess it's up to us.

So sign up. Most weeks you'll get an email with a couple of indie films you can support in a variety of ways. Some with money. Some with likes. And some with everyone's favorite currency: exposure.

We'll do this for as long as there's interest. If you've got a film you think should get featured, email me: lmcnelly [at] gmail [dot] com

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